Fashion Flashback: the best recent trends

As a fashion college student, you know better than almost anyone how quickly trends in the fashion industry can appear and disappear. An accessory could be fashionable in winter, only to become the biggest laughingstock of spring. The intricacies of the fashion industry are so difficult to trace in fact, that the few designers, photographers, fashion magazine editors and stylists who make it big in the business, are often considered gifted for being able to maintain their skills. so skillfully fingers in the pulse of fashion. Even the most hardworking of all the students attending fashion universities will accept the fact that they will not necessarily make it that high on the fashion totem … However, despite that fact, one should not be fooled by that think the analysis of fashion trends are only for the elite of the industry. To prove it, this is our brief list of some of the best fashion design trends of the year 2018.

From the red carpets to the tracks, to the old street shoes, the platforms were not lacking in 2018. In the world of haute couture, the Italian designer Miuccia Prada sent her models down the runway in futuristic space shoes with soles, many standing on elevated platforms. On city sidewalks around the world, fashion school students shook the 1920s-style oxford with psychedelic platforms added to have an extra effect. Either way, surely there were no doubts about it; platform shoes were a defining trend of footwear in 2018.

One thing is certain about this last year in fashion: it has been full of feminine and flirtatious accents! For example, peplum dresses, skirts, tops and jackets can be seen everywhere, combined with flat heels. The wide and transparent knit sweaters and the transparent lace blouses were dressed up and down, and the high heels have never been so elegant. Fresh-faced models have never looked so feminine, and the streets showed that the trend had spread everywhere.

The super feminine trend was not the only statement that materialized magically within the limits of the fashion industry. This past year, the fashion enthusiast delighted in mixing it by blocking colors and mixing and matching the brightest and boldest colors and prints. Let the fashion industry accelerate the pace just when things seem to get bored …

Contributing to the futuristic fashion themes of the year 2018 was the theme of gender ambiguity. From perfectly adapted trouser suits and tuxedo jackets, to skirts for men, professional designers of all kinds and fashion design university students, they experimented with this trend of playful design that pushes the limits.

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