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Fashion careers are perhaps some of the most glamorous professions on the face of the planet. What is more dazzling than working in a world full of bright lights, beautiful people, maximum press coverage, including television and print, and a public that adores? When we say “fashion”, the word brings to mind images of color, luxury, exclusivity, urban style, places like Paris, New York and Milan and names like Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Marc Jacobs or Giorgio Armani.

However, when we say fashion careers, the industry is not limited to the people who actually create the designs and those who use them, although they receive the most attention. If you are interested in fashion careers, have had the proper education, such as to obtain a degree from an accredited fashion school or have taken classes, and have received some training, here are some specific jobs that you may want to explore in the broad, dazzling world of haute couture.

Fashion designers

Fashion designers are the people behind these prestigious fashion shows, who are responsible for the emblematic appearance of the red carpet, the names that make certain types of clothing popular. They come up with ideas, draw them, transfer these sketches to the canvas and then produce them for the market. The big brands usually have one or two main fashion designers who can delegate the tasks of drawing and design to their staff. Fashion designers can choose to create their own clothing line or join forces with more established names.

Visual merchandise designers

Visual product designers handle showcases, accessories and accents during shows and retail stores, mannequin design and interior clothing stores, and are in charge of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Personal or fashion stylists

There are people who prefer to work individually as opposed to dealing with groups of people. If you think you are one of them and have a high level of confidence in your fashion sense, you can consider becoming a personal stylist or a fashion stylist. Personal stylists advise people on what to wear, how to look for special occasions, what accessories and colors best suit their skin tone and body type, what hairstyle and makeup they should use, etc. They work closely with an individual, combining brands and styles to adapt to the person.

Fashion stylists, on the other hand, are the ones who choose the clothing, accessories, hair and make-up that are used for the characteristics of the magazine, television and print advertising, music videos and concerts, and other public events that models, actors, etc. It requires that actresses and other public figures as politicians participate. Also called costume stylists or celebrity stylists, these are people who work with a larger group in fashion careers consisting of hairdressers and makeup artists, fashion designers, photographers, directors and editors.

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