Social networks as a platform for fashion

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It’s a fact: social networks are booming. Players in the world of social networks include; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name a few. With more people connected to share ideas and opinions, it is clear that these sites are perfect for launching new businesses, something that the fashion industry has picked up.

So, how are the players in the fashion world using social networks? Many of the fashion connoisseurs have realized the importance of social networks, since it allows them a platform in which to generate interest quickly. Designers understand that their clients consume media at Mach-5 speeds. In the same way, magazines realize that it is not about printing information three months after fashion weekends.

The integration of social networks with fashion has come at a time when content is instantly accessible to consumers wherever and whenever they want. Consumers are more tech savvy now; often using double screens and in some cases triple screens. The boom in mobile phone technology means that all consumers want to be seen with the latest devices.

Fashion and phones are a natural fit; especially now that manufacturers have collaborated with high-end fashion houses to produce modern and fashionable phones (think of the new line of LG phones). Every fashion conscious consumer wants the newest and most fashionable phone available, especially if it improves their lifestyle and facilitates connection with other people.

Almost all phones in the market now allow a consumer to express their opinion through a social media and companies realize this. Diesel integrated social networks in one of his last campaigns by setting up QR codes in his stores for different products. Consumers who entered stores were invited to “like” articles on Facebook using their phones so they could tell their friends what they were seeing. This campaign has been praised for its ingenuity and shows that the link between phones, fashion and social networks is here to stay.

Whether you are interested in fashion or not, it is difficult to escape the constant bombardment of information about the latest fashions and trends that we receive through social networks and the Internet. From fashion blogs to live streaming of fashion shows, photo shoots and social purchases where we get all kinds of opinions on different clothing items through Facebook, Twitter and even our own websites. the retailers.

The fashion industry is definitely becoming more accessible to the general public. Brands and retailers not only use social networks as a way to communicate with their customers, but also listen to them. It is known that Marc Jacobs has established its range of larger sizes according to the comments received through social networks.

In recent months, the latest fad among fashion enthusiasts and bloggers is to vote and participate in a new social site called The Shopping Forecast, which also allows the user to make outfits and enter fashion competitions. The interesting difference of this site is that the opinion of the voters really counts. The information collected on the site will be used to help buyers in the fashion industry make more informed decisions about what to store next season.

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