Are you smarter than your smartphone?

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The invention of the wireless or mobile phone gave people the freedom to move around while talking with friends or business acquaintances outside the home or office. Many, especially women, also had a new sense of security knowing that help was only a call away if they were on the road. Already in 1973 Theodore Paraskevakos, who was granted patents for his concept of combination of data processing, intelligence and visualization on screens with the telephone and with the intention of paying bills and performing banking operations by telephone, portable telephones have become actually with vast applications and a bright future. As the improvements arrived, these handsets (originally around 1 kg and more) were reduced in size and weight and greatly improved in technology.

What makes it an “intelligent” phone?
With the help of computers it seems that we have everything “fixed” until today. Our cars, televisions, radios and telephones have computers that regulate how these things work and make everything run smoothly. Mobile phones were something natural to improve with applications or “applications.” On the tiny phone were added a calculator, a calendar, a dating programmer, an international time clock, an electronic notepad and even games. The incorporation of a touch screen made everything relate without problems since we could simply touch small icons on the screen to tell our phone what to do next. Imagine doing some of that on the old rotary dial telephone used by our grandparents.

Check your email and your actions with the phone browser
Our small smart smartphone can also “connect” through a mobile broadband connection and Wi-Fi to achieve many of the things we used to go physically. Banking, for example, can be done through the Internet, as well as asking for gifts or buying shares for our business. The mobile smartphone can make life easier and more pleasant for many of us. The high resolution of the touch screen makes it a pleasure to look at them and work with them. The most played games in them are dazzling and colorful.

What OS (operating system) to choose?
Today we have a wide variety of options, but these are two basic types of operating system. Apple has been in the business of smartphones for some time and its iPhone iOS, first introduced in 2007, with a large touch screen and high resolution graphics led the pack for some time. Many applications used for the iPhone were exclusive and were only available in Apple stores, so many people searched for an alternative. Android systems became extremely popular and had a lot to offer smartphone users with a wide variety of applications. It’s fast and it’s very smart! With Google’s own applications, you get maps, Gmail and an HTML web browser along with the multitasking service capability, as well as many free and paid applications from external distributors. Currently, it is the leading operating system to consider when selecting your smartphone. Check out the app stores to see all the games, financing programs and other “gifts” you want to apply to your smartphone. It’s like a pet that needs treats!

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