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See how much influence your zodiac sign has on your present relationship?

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Your zodiac sign plays an important role in determining how happy or unhappy you will be in a relationship.
Zodiac signs and relationship compatibility
Depending on your beliefs about the alignment of the moon and the stars and the location of the sun and the planets, you will either find that exact or raise an eyebrow in disgust.

For example, there are those who believe that being Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces is the reason why they act in the way they act in their relationship and that nothing can change that.

We have been together for 3 years, but he is not talking about marriage.
People blame their zodiac signs for how they act in relationships (Essence)

Some really believe that because they belong to one of the fire signs, (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) any relationship with someone belonging to any of the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will flourish.

On the other hand, some strongly believe that commitment, effort and being sensitive to the needs of others are what make relationships work as they should.

The link between the signs of the zodiac and the happiness of the relationship?
Seeing that more Nigerians seem to be taking the compatibility with the signs of the zodiac seriously as criteria of relationship, we would like to know: on which side of the division do you fall?

Should these signs influence your choice of appointments at all?

See why most guys decide to get married early

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Last year, I ended a relationship with a girl I could have seen me marry alone because I was not ready to enter that chapter of my life. So, they are both, but for me, the moment comes first.

Each month, we received a real talk about the relationship problems of three of the men who put the “men” in Men’s Health.

This month, we asked: “Do the boys decide to get married for the right girl or the right time?”

Dean Stattmann, special project editor of MH: TIMING IS KEY.
Last year, I ended a relationship with a girl I could have seen me marry alone because I was not ready to enter that chapter of my life. So, they are both, but for me, the moment comes first.

Paul Kita, senior editor of MH: IS BOTH.
I always knew that the woman I married was the right girl. But I did not know the right moment until we were watching a sunset on the beach and a thought hit me: you’d better marry this person.

We ask men and women what they think about farts in relationships. Learn what they had to say:

Michael Sneeden, senior producer of videos of MH and WH: YEP, IT’S BOTH.
I met my fiancee when I was 15 years old. Eleven years later, when I asked the question, it might have looked like I had been dragging my feet, but I waited until we were both ready. But I always knew that she was the one.

Social networks as a platform for fashion

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It’s a fact: social networks are booming. Players in the world of social networks include; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to name a few. With more people connected to share ideas and opinions, it is clear that these sites are perfect for launching new businesses, something that the fashion industry has picked up.

So, how are the players in the fashion world using social networks? Many of the fashion connoisseurs have realized the importance of social networks, since it allows them a platform in which to generate interest quickly. Designers understand that their clients consume media at Mach-5 speeds. In the same way, magazines realize that it is not about printing information three months after fashion weekends.

The integration of social networks with fashion has come at a time when content is instantly accessible to consumers wherever and whenever they want. Consumers are more tech savvy now; often using double screens and in some cases triple screens. The boom in mobile phone technology means that all consumers want to be seen with the latest devices.

Fashion and phones are a natural fit; especially now that manufacturers have collaborated with high-end fashion houses to produce modern and fashionable phones (think of the new line of LG phones). Every fashion conscious consumer wants the newest and most fashionable phone available, especially if it improves their lifestyle and facilitates connection with other people.

Almost all phones in the market now allow a consumer to express their opinion through a social media and companies realize this. Diesel integrated social networks in one of his last campaigns by setting up QR codes in his stores for different products. Consumers who entered stores were invited to “like” articles on Facebook using their phones so they could tell their friends what they were seeing. This campaign has been praised for its ingenuity and shows that the link between phones, fashion and social networks is here to stay.

Whether you are interested in fashion or not, it is difficult to escape the constant bombardment of information about the latest fashions and trends that we receive through social networks and the Internet. From fashion blogs to live streaming of fashion shows, photo shoots and social purchases where we get all kinds of opinions on different clothing items through Facebook, Twitter and even our own websites. the retailers.

The fashion industry is definitely becoming more accessible to the general public. Brands and retailers not only use social networks as a way to communicate with their customers, but also listen to them. It is known that Marc Jacobs has established its range of larger sizes according to the comments received through social networks.

In recent months, the latest fad among fashion enthusiasts and bloggers is to vote and participate in a new social site called The Shopping Forecast, which also allows the user to make outfits and enter fashion competitions. The interesting difference of this site is that the opinion of the voters really counts. The information collected on the site will be used to help buyers in the fashion industry make more informed decisions about what to store next season.

Quick data on the fast fashion supply chain

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A fast fashion supply chain is a type of fashion supply chain where you can get the latest clothes that follow the latest catwalk trends. This type of fashion is basically a term used by contemporary fashion retailers to meet the needs of their clientele: the need to obtain the latest fashion clothing. It is the method of making new designs from the catwalk to the stores in the shortest possible time.

In general, the collections presented in a fast fashion supply chain are based on the latest and most recent trends presented at Fashion Week. Generally, these garments are too expensive for regular buyers. Therefore, fashion stores and chains such as Zara and H & M taught how to make the trend available to the general public.

These brands are frequented by many consumers around the world. Although their concept receives criticism from time to time, many still recognize and consider this type of fashion as a great innovation for the fashion industry.

Some controversies associated with fast fashion

Each fast fashion supply chain could have already received negative reviews here and there. Some of them are established here. See if it’s worthwhile to believe these reviews and lose sleep.

Low cost clothing is normally produced without high quality. There are some groups that raise the argument that clothes manufactured under this fashion concept are made without efficient quality control. According to these groups, companies that offer fast fashion clothes would do everything possible to reduce production costs. However, if you analyze it carefully, these companies prefer not to risk compromising the reputation of your brand by offering low quality clothing.

If you notice, designer clothes have such a high price because, basically, it’s designer clothes. Buying designer clothes means buying the name. In fact, you can achieve the look that catwalk models assume without spending a lot buying clothes from a fast fashion boutique.

The principle behind this type of fashion is not practical. Fast fashion has been associated with the concept of clothing exchange and without taking into account. Many fashion enthusiasts would love to change their wardrobes every time the seasons change. Therefore, some of them would normally exchange some of their clothes for new ones or simply get rid of old clothes altogether. After all, they are already out of season once new trends in fashion arrive. However, this does not necessarily mean that this type of fashion defends wasted resources and impassability.

Simple reasons why your partner is emotionally distant

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If your partner or wife suddenly starts to withdraw or puts an emotional distance between you and her, you better think there is a good chance that she has a reason to do so and that reason has something to do with you.
Many men like to believe that every time their partner or wife becomes rigid and emotionally distant, it is only a manifestation of their “feminine nature”.

It is not uncommon to hear men in these cases resort to statements such as “she is just a woman”.

And affirmations like this are based on the propagation of social ideas that project to all women as emotionally volatile, unstable and unpredictable.

But that is not totally true. Your partner is not acting out of a mythical feminine madness. Your emotional distance could have been caused by you in the following 5 ways:

1. You are not supportive
Supporting her in her career does not mean simply asking how her day went and remaining silent until she has finished speaking. It means committing. If your girl really loves you, she would like to be part of your professional growth and expect the same from you. If she feels that she is not receiving this, it could trigger her mood to retreat into her shell.

2. Do not let her get into your personal problems
Doing this gives your partner a feeling of distrust. When a woman cares about a man, she wants to feel trustworthy with her most intimate concerns and problems. She wants to carry some of her burdens and be her resting place.

The legit women feel useless if you deny them the opportunity to do so and one way to tell you that something is wrong is to make yourself a mummy and be part of this process.

3. You are insensitive
When your partner is depressed or goes through a period of emotional inactivity, stop making the mistake of dismissing it with a hand gesture and that statement ignorantly discarded: “she is only a woman.”

If it is still about this kind of life, then you should really stop wondering why your wife builds a wall between you and her every so often.

4. You do not listen
If you are not a good listener, then, as a man, you do not have much to offer a woman in a relationship.

When a woman can tell you she does not listen, what is the use of continuing to talk with you? And refusing to talk to you is the first sign of emotional closure.

5. Discard your ideas
When she tries to get involved in conversations about her work and her life, she clearly dismisses her ideas. You take advice and information from your friends and family, but not from her.

See things to benefits of dating after 30s

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Behavior towards single people over 30 is often too negative to be a true representation of what it really feels like to look for a relationship after 30 years.

Undue pressure, lower standards and desperation are often related to dating after 30 years, which establishes an adverse mentality well rooted in society.

But that’s not the whole truth, not even half of the truth, about dating when you’ve turned away from your 20s.

And here are five things that prove it perfectly:

1. Experienced
Most of the time, people who are 30 years old would have enough dates to realize, for example, that the type of love dragged by the feet is not necessarily an indication of a relationship that will last. There is hardly naivety in the people who come out at this stage.

2. Red flags
Because they have been there before, they know quite well when a red flag is waved in front of them. Those red signs will be clearly seen in a partner, if there is one.

3. They know what they want
There are longer games and try to go around the bush and see where things are going.

There is always a clear definition of what they want because they know that it is better not to arrive early instead of overcoming the illusion of a “yes” that can be eliminated when time must have been wasted.

4. Financial stability
There is also the really important question of money. From the age of 30, people would have moved away from being destitute and dependent to be able to stand and stay stable in their finances.

And you know what they say about romance and finances, right?

5. Relationships instead of appointments
People in this age group often come out with the intention and this is what is often misinterpreted as despair.

What we always ask before too much time is wasted and clear definitions are needed.

This is because the goal for many at this stage is a relationship and commitment, as opposed to the chill and fluency that characterizes dating in previous years.