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Check out seven tips why you should not marry your partner

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Many people are stuck in relationships that know that in their heart they are not right for them. These relationships can last for years and ultimately lead to marriage. We tend to ignore warning signs for a variety of reasons, but eventually we end up unhappy. Take a look at the 7 signs that you should not go ahead and marry your partner.
1. When you imagine your future together, you imagine that they change a LOT
If you are telling yourself that everything is going to be different once you are married, that it will finally make you a priority over your friends, it will treat you better, it will stop cheating you, it will support a stimulus to your career or you will even be able to get yourself Together and keeping a job, you should ask yourself if you can or cannot be with your partner exactly as they do for the rest of your life.

The reality is that many people do not change and we deceive ourselves thinking that they will, which only leads to our own unhappiness. A wedding is not a magic wand that makes people grow, it’s just a ceremony, people only change when they want.

2. You are afraid of being alone
When everyone around you is matching and having children, it can be easy to train your girlfriend in The One in your mind so you do not fall behind. However, being married to someone who does not set fire to your heart can be incredibly lonely and sad, much worse than being alone.

3. You know in your instinct that he is not the right one for you
There is much to say to trust your basic instincts. If you have doubts or fears, try as hard as you want to bury them, but they will resurface and often prove they are right. Be completely honest with yourself and if there is ANY question, be sure to address them with you or your partner before moving on. If your instinct tells you that this person is not your person, you should listen.

4. You do not feel like you when you are with your partner
Growing up and changing is a natural part of life, but sometimes those changes feel forced and wrong. You should not pretend to be someone who is not to keep your partner happy or play down parts of your personality to please them. Similarly, if you notice that you do not like how you behave when you are with him, then it can be a serious warning signal that you should consider.

5. You do not feel well enough for your partner
Your other half should inspire you and make you a better person. However, if you feel that you are constantly missing; As if he were not intelligent, attractive or rich enough, he will eventually become resentful and unhappy.

6. Do not trust each other
If one of you is forced to read the texts of others, consult the accounts of social networks or review them constantly for one night, you must get to the root of why there are so many curiosities. Whatever it is, the reason means problems and you need to get to the root before you even think about taking your relationship to the next level.

7. Your friends and family do not like your best half
Sometimes disapproval can be generational or rooted in superficial judgments that you know are unfair. However, if your friends and family disapprove of your partner, it is worth listening to them and taking their objections seriously. They could be something you missed because you were blind to love.

Web development for smartphones

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Every day, more and smarter phones are being bought around the world. As its popularity has grown, so has the demand for smartphone-friendly websites. This has led web developers to change the way they create websites, allowing them to be compatible with smartphone devices.

But, why should web development change? There are a number of reasons because the phones have a completely different composition than a desktop or laptop computer:

Screen: smartphones have a considerably smaller screen than a traditional computer; It’s only 2.5 inches. Pixel resolution has also been greatly reduced, to 240 x 320. Web development must change to ensure that websites can be properly viewed on these devices.

Keyboard: Smartphones will have a physical or touch screen QWERTY keyboard on a small scale, very similar to the one used in a normal computer. However, as the size of the keyboard has been reduced considerably, it is difficult for users to scroll. Web developers had to find a way to locate the most important content first so that the movement is minimized.

Distractions: unlike the traditional computer, people generally surf the Internet on their phones when they are in noisy and busy places, such as public transport. Due to these distractions, the user’s attention is usually divided. Web developers should make sure that the websites for smartphones are designed for quick and easy reading.
The web development for smartphones reached a milestone when it was possible to buy a mobile domain name (ending in .mobi) for websites that could only be viewed on mobile devices. It soon became clear, however, that this was more difficult for companies that later needed two domain names: one for common computers and one for smartphones.

It was also possible to create websites for specific telephone devices, such as having one for HTC Desire and another for Samsung Galaxy. Due to the problems that Internet browsers do not know the device and the devices change with new updates, this practice is not common.

These days, it is much easier for web developers to use CSS to serve websites that suit a variety of devices. CSS can detect when an advanced mobile device is being used to access the web page and reformats the site accordingly. This means that developers do not need to use different websites for browsers that use smartphones, which makes their work much easier.